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Day 1 Mumbai - Kolhapur Begin your journey to Kolhapur by bus in the night.

Day 2 Kolhapur - Tuljapur Upon arriving in Kolhapur after breakfast, visit the Shri Mahalaxmi Temple. Afterward, enjoy lunch and then proceed towards Tuljapur to visit the Shri Tuljapur Temple. Finally, check into a hotel in Tuljapur for your stay.

Day 3 Tuljapur - Mahur After breakfast, continue your journey towards Ambejogai. Once there, visit the Ambejogai Temple and enjoy lunch. Afterward, begin your journey towards Mahur to visit the Shri Renuka Mata Temple. Finally, for the night, check into a hotel in Mahur.

Day 4 Mahur - Nashik In the morning, have breakfast and commence your journey towards Vani in Nashik. For the night, book a hotel in Nashik to stay.

Day 5 Nashik- Mumbai After breakfast, continue your journey towards Vani and visit the Shri Saptashrungi Temple. Enjoy lunch in Vani and then start your journey towards Mumbai

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