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Pach Jyotirling

Economic Common Stay:-Rs.6,000/-

Family Wise Separate Stay:-Rs.8,500/-

Day 1: Mumbai to Bhimashankar Depart from Mumbai in the morning and arrive in Bhimashankar by afternoon. After lunch, visit the Bhimashankar Temple for darshan, then travel to Ozar for an overnight stay.

Day 2: Ozar to Parli After breakfast, proceed to Parli and visit the Parli Vaijnath Temple for darshan. Continue to Ambejogai, explore the temple, and return to Parli for an overnight stay.

Day 3: Parli to Aurangabad After breakfast, travel to Aundha Nagnath for darshan at the temple. Continue to Grishneshwar Temple for darshan and stay overnight in Aurangabad.

Day 4: Aurangabad to Mumbai via Trimbakeshwar After breakfast, travel to Trimbakeshwar for darshan at the temple, then return to Mumbai by evening.

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