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Odisha Jagannath Puri

1 State | 3 Cities | Puri, Konark, Bhubaneshwar

21st Jan 2024

Rs. 24,500

Day 1 - 2 Mumbai to Puri Railway Train journey from Mumbai to Puri.

Day 3 Puri Upon your morning arrival in Puri, check into your hotel. Later in the day, visit the renowned Jagannath Temple, an important pilgrimage site. In the evening, unwind on the beautiful Puri Beach, and as night falls, return to your hotel for a comfortable stay.

Day 4 Puri After breakfast, embark on a journey to Barkul to explore the mesmerizing Chilika Lake, renowned as the largest wintering ground for migratory birds. Enjoy a bird-watching expedition and visit the Baitala Temple by boat, immersing yourself in the tranquil natural beauty of the area. Return to your hotel in Puri for a relaxing night's stay.

Day 5 Konark - Bhubaneshwar Begin your day by traveling to Konark, where you can explore the iconic Sun Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Afterward, continue your journey towards Bhubaneshwar. Along the way, take a stop to visit the serene Ramchandi Temple. Upon reaching Bhubaneshwar, check into your hotel for a comfortable night's stay.

Day 6 Bhubaneshwar In the morning, set out to explore the Khandagiri and Udayagiri Caves, ancient rock-cut cave complexes with rich historical significance. Next, visit Raghurajpur, the artisan village known for its traditional arts and crafts. Continue your journey by exploring Pipili, famous for its intricate appliqué work. Finally, visit Dhauli, home to the Peace Pagoda. Return to Bhubaneshwar for your overnight stay.

Day 7 Bhubaneshwar Start your morning with a visit to some of Bhubaneswar's renowned temples. Explore the grandeur of Lingaraj Temple, the beauty of Parshurameshwar Temple, the intricate architecture of Mukteshwar Temple, and the elegance of Rajarani Temple. After a day filled with spiritual and architectural wonders, return to your hotel in Bhubaneswar for a comfortable night's stay.

Day 8 Diamond Triangle Embark on your journey towards the Diamond Triangle, which includes Ratangiri, Lalitgiri, and Udayagiri. Explore these ancient Buddhist sites, known for their historical and archaeological significance. After a day of exploration, return to Bhubaneshwar for a comfortable night's stay.

Day 9 - 10 Bhubaneshwar - Mumbai End your journey by completing an enchanting journey to odisha. Boarding the train to mumbai by reflecting a magical experience with Deshpande Tours.

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