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Day 1 Mumbai to Ganpatipule By Bus On Thursday night, begin your journey towards Ganpatipule.

Day 2 Ganpatipule Upon arriving in Ganpatipule, check in at your hotel. After freshening up, visit Ganpatipule Mandir to enjoy the historic Kokan surroundings. Later in the day, explore Ganpatipule Beach. Spend the night at your hotel in Ganpatipule.

Day 3 Ratnagiri - Ganpatipule In the morning, after breakfast, continue your journey towards Ratnagiri. Visit Malgund Beach and enjoy thrilling rides like paragliding, parasailing, banana rides, and surfing (at your own cost). Later, proceed back to Ganpatipule and stay at a hotel in Ganpatipule for the night.

Day 4 Marleshwar-Dervan- Mumbai After breakfast, proceed towards Marleshwar and Dervan . Enjoy the scenic beauty of these places. Later, start your journey back to Mumbai, carrying with you beautiful memories of your trip.

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